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Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup 250g

  • $13.97

Wild Hibiscus Flowers Syrup is Hand Made in Australia, have a sweet raspberry and rhubarb flavor although they offer much more than just flavor. The texture of the flower is firm but pliant, delicious on the palate at the end of a glass of bubbly. The flower and the syrup are delicately sweet so you can control the effect on the flavor of the Champagne by how much syrup you put in. The flowers are best served as a garnish in Champagne or a good Sparkling wine.  


Place a whole Hibiscus Flower in the bottom of a Champagne flute, pour some of the Crimson Syrup in on top and then fill up with Champagne! The spectacular, crown shaped flower sits in the bottom of the flute with all the bubbles streaming off and opening up the flower. The Champagne graduates from crimson at the bottom to light pink at the top.

You can eat the flower, too; it has a delicious raspberry and rhubarb flavor.