Nestle Milo Chocolate Drink Mix 460g

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Australian MILO is a nutritious malt / chocolate energy food drink. Kids love the granules sprinkled on ice-cream.

This is not the MILO that is made in Columbia or Mexico (yecch!) that you can buy on Amazon. The MILO we sell is manufactured in, and imported from, Australia. 

Aussie MILO still tastes the same as it always has — the recipe has remained unchanged in Australia since its creation. Around the world, however, the recipe is slightly different — for example, Kiwis have their very own MILO recipe, designed for their taste preferences.

MILO was developed in the 1930s during the depression when many children were not receiving enough nutrients from their daily diet.

Thomas Mayne, a NESTLE Industrial Chemist, created the nutritious beverage using local milk knowledge and Swiss cocoa expertise.   The name MILO was based on a Greek mythical character MILON, who was known for his strength.

In 1934 MILO was launched at the Sydney Royal Easter show.  A glass of MILO and milk is a great source of nourishing energy. The combination of malted barley, 6 vitamins and minerals, and protein combined with other nutritious ingredients provides Goodness to Go.  MILO boosts the calcium of milk by nearly 70%.

MILO is made from malted barley to provide a source of energy for active bodies.

MILO contains 6 essential vitamins and minerals to unlock energy to help keep you going. A glass of MILO with milk provides a source of high quality protein vital for muscle growth and development.