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Madura Green Loose Leaf Tea 175g

  • $13.97


Whether you drink one cup a day or five, our blend of Madura Green Tea is a subtle taste sensation big on health benefits. Award-winning tea with the purest south Asian leaves resulting in the traditionally delicate flavour of the world’s healthiest beverage. Wonderfully restorative and refreshing; a cup of green tea brings peace and positivity to every pour.

The Madura Promise

Madura is committed to producing pure, healthy tea that is bursting with flavour and is naturally low in caffeine.

Madura is committed to independently testing its teas for purity.

Madura is committed to ethical and sustainable tea production whether on its own estate or on estates with which Madura trades. We believe that sustainable business is good business.

Madura is committed to protect and preserve our precious ecosystem and in the process, create a future for the generations to come.

As Madura will not compromise quality, we guarantee our teas and their freshness from our plantation to your cup.