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Fountains Steak Sauce 250ml

  • $14.97

Fountain's Gluten-Free* Steak Sauce is a welcome change to Barbecue and Worcestershire sauce and boosts the flavour of meat dishes. *This product has been tested and contains no detectable gluten (not detected at 5ppm).

Many Australians have fond memories of smothering their meat pies with thick and rich Fountain Tomato Sauce, or sharing a summer family barbecue with Fountain Barbecue and Steak Sauces. It's no secret that Australians love and trust Fountain, a brand with rich history and heritage that spans over a century.

Australia's much-loved sauce was born in 1906 when W.C. Douglas company, a Sydney-based grocery wholesaler, started making Fountain Tomato Sauce in its Goodlet Street factories. Tomatoes were grown and harvested in Mudgee, then trucked to Goodlet Street where the product was pulped.