5-Pack of Cadbury Freddo Frog Bars 5 x 12g

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4-Freddo Flavours -- Dairy Milk, Milky Top, Strawberry & Peppermint.

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Freddo is one of Australia’s most popular children’s chocolates and is available from stores across Australia in a number of delicious flavours. Freddo is available as a 15g, a 35g size and a 200g share pack.  Flavors:  Dairy Milk, Milkytop, Peppermint, and Strawberry.

The history of Freddo

Over eighty years ago Harry Melbourne invented our beloved Freddo.

When MacRobertson Chocolates was looking for a new idea for their Children’s range, a chocolate mouse was most preferred. Harry Melbourne, who was employed at MacRobertson, knew this would not sell and in 1930 created Freddo Frog.

'I told Macpherson Robertson (the owner of MacRobertson Chocolates) women and children were afraid of mice and a chocolate mouse would not sell'.

When Harry pitched the idea to Macpherson Robertson he said 'I’d like to see one, make one up and bring it over to my office'.

'I did and three days later the Marketing Manager said I had backed a winner.'