Bush Spices White Meat Rub Seasoning 60g

Bush Spices White Meat Rub Seasoning 60g

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White Meat Rub Seasoning with Lemon Myrtle 60g

A robust limey fusion of native lemon myrtle and finger lime adds great Australian bite to any white meat like poultry, pork or crocodile..

White Meat Blend marries native lemon myrtle with zesty finger lime for a robust limey fusion with great Australian bite - the ultimate addition to any white meat, like poultry, pork or crocodile.

A generous coating of WHITE seals in juices with a deliciously charred crust and citrusy flavour bigger than Croc Dundee. Best devoured with a glass of crisp Australian Sauvignon Blanc.

Perfect with:

  • brush:  preferred white meat with olive oil, then encrust with WHITE meat blend..
  • pan fry/ roast/ poach/ bbq:  a sensational rub for all meats,
  • sprinkle:  sprinkling over roast vegetables, chips or fries
  • add:  to soups, sauces or used in ragouts (stews) to enhance flavour
  • suitable for vegetarian and pasta dishes.

To use as a dry marinade, rub into raw meat, leave in the fridge to absorb into the meat, then cook however you like, grill, fry, BBQ or bake!  And no wet marinade mess!  Suitable for up to 1 kg of meat.

Our Taste of Australia range of spice blends - savour the Australian landscape: discover new frontiers of flavour. Exotic bush inspired spice blends for food with rustic flair!


Macadamia, Lemon Myrtle, Sesame Seed, Finger Lime, Salt, Pepper.

Allergen Information:

No Artificial Colours, Flavours or Preservatives.
Contains no Genetically Modified Ingredients.
Contains nuts and seeds.


Store in dry ambient conditions away from direct sunlight. 

Product of Australia
Made from local and imported ingredients, hand blended in the Byron Hinterland