1.5lb or 3lb Christmas Pudding w/FREE UPS Ground Shipping in 48 States

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To assure arrival of meat pies, sausage rolls, fruit cakes and pudding in time for Christmas AND New Years, your order must be received no later than midnight, Sunday, December 10th. We won't be shipping these items again until January 2nd, 2024!


Genuine steamed pudding, made by our favourite Australian bakers -- just like mum used to make.

1.5 lb serves 6

3.0 lb serves 12

FREE UPS Ground Shipping in the USA!


Please keep your pudding refrigerated until you plan to use it.

To reheat you may put on a microwave safe plate and heat for 90 seconds to 2 minutes (depending on the power of your microwave).

You may heat 1 slice for 15 seconds.


If you have a stainless steel or mixing bowl of similar size, place it the bowl, tightly cover with foil and a rubber band. Place in a large pot of boiling water (the water should come up 2/3 of the way on the bowl), and re-steam for 40 minutes with the pot on simmer. Turn out and serve and enjoy.


Need a recipe for your fresh, hot, Traditional Brandy Sauce? Here it is:

1/2 a stick of butter (2oz), 2 tablespoons of plain flour, 1 cup of milk, 1/2 cup of sugar, 2-3 tablespoons Brandy or Marsala.

Mix milk and sugar together in a separate bowl. In a cooking pot, melt butter of medium heat. Add flour and stir constantly for 1 minute. Add milk mixture and continue stirring until it begins to bubble. Remove from heat and stir in Brandy or Marsala. Pour over reheated portions of Christmas Pudding. Merry Christmas! Mmmmmm!

FREE UPS Ground Shipping in USA