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Arnotts Shapes Vegemite & Cheese 160g

  • $7.97

Arnott’s have joined forces with one of the most quintessential Aussie food products to create a legendary new snack. Yes, Shapes Vegemite & Cheese are here.

Shapes + Vegemite = the ultimate Australian snack

The partnership has been described by industry insiders as “the spirit of the nation distilled down into a cracker” (we couldn’t have put it better ourselves tbh).And as if that wasn’t enough to make the country go totally wild, they’ve baked the crackers in the shape of Australia and are selling them in a Vegemite-coloured packet (swoon!)

New year, new Shapes

A spokesperson from Arnott’s said: “Shapes have been a favourite in Aussie homes for over 50 years… a staple at any backyard BBQ, beach cricket match, or holiday drive for many, many summers. As we kick off 2019, what better way to celebrate than to launch a new legendary Shapes flavour, partnering with Australia’s favourite spread?

“We believe the flavour pairing between Shapes and Vegemite are made for each other – and it’s a little baffling that we didn’t partner up before! These two Aussie snacking legends just go hand in hand and are a delicious choice, just in time for summer entertaining.”

Shapes are Australia's favorite hunger-busting savory snack with flavor you can see.

Due to strong consumer demand, CHEDDAR, BBQ and PIZZA Shapes have been brought back in their Original flavours!

Shapes were first baked in Victoria in the 1950's. Back then they were made to look like potato chips. As time went by, bakers realized this wasn't the most efficient way to cut the dough, as there was too much wastage. So, in 1974 they redesigned the biscuits to fit more on to a sheet of dough and started making the Shapes you can buy today. These delicious snacks are baked not fried, and have no artificial flavorings or preservatives.

Australians love their Shapes and munch their way through 44 million packs each year.