Bickfords DIET  Lemon Lime Bitters Cordial 750ml

Bickfords DIET Lemon Lime Bitters Cordial 750ml

  • $17.97

Bickford's Cordials reflect the traditional Bickford's image of quality and flavour with products like Lime Juice Cordial which generations have grown up with. Using recipes dating back to 1874, Bickford's Cordials are widely known for their refreshing, natural flavours.

Our Cordial range contains fruit juice concentrates with individual products having a juice content of up to 35%. Diluted to taste with soda or plain water, Bickford's Cordials are also the ultimate mixer for behind the bar!


Bickford’s Diet Lemon Lime & Bitters Cordial combines a refreshing lemonade taste with distinct lime characters and delicate blends of bitters, herbs and spices. Crafted to perfection without the addition of sugar to deliver a premium alternative for the sugar conscious.

Water, 25% Juice from concentrates (13% Lemon, 12% Lime), Natural Flavours, Food acids (Malic, Citric, Sodium citrate), Natural Sweeteners (Monk Fruit & Stevia extracts), Natural colours (Vegetable & Plant extracts), Xanthan gum, Preservative (223,202).